The purchase of any product from my store automatically includes the purchase of a BASIC SMALL BUSINESS LICENSE. This license includes the following: 

⭐ You can make and sell:

✅ Shirts
✅ Bags
✅ Mugs
✅ Cards
✅ Tumblers
✅ Signs
✅ Anything physical products to sell for profit

*** 🔸 Up to 250 end-product sales per design 🔸***


⭐ You can print, cut, edit, and more! Uses include but are not limited to vinyl cutting, card making, website/blog use, graphics for cards, invitations, e-books, online courses, banner/design for websites, and social media post designs etc.

💛 If you are selling TRANSFERS or TEMPORARY TATTOOS purchasing an Extended Business License IS REQUIRED for either a single design.👇



This license allows you, as a small business owner, to sell ONE of OWL COTTAGE STUDIO designs as a printed transfer.

⭐ This includes:
✚ Screen Print transfers
✚ Temporary tattoo transfers
✚ Waterslide Decals
✚ Craft Iron-On Transfers
✚ DTF/ Printed/Cut Vinyl Transfers

Please message me if you want to sell a different type of transfer, I'm always happy to help.

You will need to purchase multiple licenses for multiple designs.

🌸 You DO NOT need this license to sell FINISHED PHYSICAL products (e.g. t-shirts/totes etc.). These are covered under the Basic Small Business License that is included with the purchase of any of OWL COTTAGE STUDIO designs 🌸
💛 This does not include any designs with this listing, this is ONLY for the license. Designs are sold separately.

💛 Please purchase multiple licenses for multiple designs.

💛 This license does NOT allow you to:
• Sell, modify, or distribute the designs digitally in ANY format.

🌸 Your paid transaction will serve as confirmation of your rights to extended usage.
Please note: No physical item will be delivered.